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NFSC & ROLF Ukraine Rescue Operation Update: Prime Minister of Belgium Visited Medyka Rescue Site and Interviewed By NFSC Journalist Nicole

On April 12th, the Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo visited the Medyka Ukraine rescue center and was interviewed by Nicole, one of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) fellow fighter volunteers.

According to Nicole, before the prime minister accepted her invite for an interview, he paid specific attention to the vest she was wearing, which has the NFSC slogan “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” printed on it, and also her hat with NFSC’s full name “New Federal State of China” printed on it. During the interview, Nicole also explained to him about NFSC and told him that we the new Chinese people from NFSC stand with the Ukrainian people, we’re committed to taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is the root cause of almost all the disasters around the world including the Russia-Ukraine war. This won the praise from the prime minister, he said: “As humans we need to help each other, the most important thing is that as humans we help people who are in incredible need. I’m happy to hear that you’re helping!”

After the interview, the prime minister also invited Nicole to take a picture with him.

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