New Federal State of China

We are the New Chinese who are taking down the EVIL Chinese Communist Party

Same 419, different world, from 2017 to 2022

On April 19th, 2017, Miles Guo was interviewed by the Voice of America (VOA). However this interview was forcibly stopped by VOA. The incident then immediately sparked a great deal of attention around the world.

It is reported that just 24 hours before VOA decided to interview Miles, Meng Hongwei, the former Vice Minister of Public Security of the Chinese Communist Party, used his position as President of Interpol to issue a red notice against Miles. The Chinese Communist Party used every means to try to stop VOA’s interview with Miles.

After the VOA incident, Miles realized the need for freedom of expression and communication. Miles formally began a series of activities to expose the truth about the Chinese Communist Party, including the establishment of “Guo’s Seven Principles”, the exposing “Blue, Gold and Yellow” plan of the Chinese Communist Party, the inside story of the HNA Group, and the “death of Wang Jian”. These actions are universally known as the “Whistleblower Movement”.

On the other hand, Miles has designed a huge financial system for the future of the supporters of the “Whistleblower Movement”. He has established G-Series ecosystems such as Himalaya Alliance, Himalaya Exchange, G-Club, G-Fashion, GNews and Gettr.

On April 19th, 2022, after five years of development, the New Federal State of China’s website will be officially announced and put into use, to commemorate the important date of 419. Showing the new image of the New Federal State of China and the new Chinese people.





为纪念419这个重要的日子,2022年4月19日,经过五年的发展,新中国联邦网站将在这个重要日子正式宣布,投入使用。展现新中国联邦 ,新中国人的新形象。


April 19th is here. There were three critical things that took place on April 19th.

Number one, it opened a new era of Chinese social media: The appearance of Guo Wengui and the initiation of the Whistleblower Movement;

Number two, the April 19th incident exposed the power of silence in the US. The White House made it clear, although it was a long process, two or three years ago. The Voice of America (VOA) is done, but not a lot of people could have anticipated and believed in the Whistleblower Movement. The VOA is over. Gong Xiaoxia and the Chinese who left were not all bad people. For another, Gong Xiaoxia exposed the real threat between the US and the Chinese Communist Party. The Whistleblower Movement went viral.

Number Three, we talked about Hainan Airlines, and now Hainan Airlines are done as well. We reported Hainan Airlines, Wang Qishan and his private jets, and the Deutsche Bank all the information. Wang Jian was dead, and we were the only ones who knew what caused his death. Wang’s Dead body was still there. I publicly talked about what would have happened to the Hainan Airline’s stolen wealth. It all happened. The April 19th incident has proven that the truth cannot be and will not be forgotten. Only we have accomplished this. We told the world that Hainan Airline was a spy. It was the main force of the Blue Gold Yellow (BGY) organization. We told the Chinese people that it was a kleptocratic family, and it belonged to Wang Qishan’s family. Wang Jian would’ve been murdered by them. Then we told our comrades that Wang Qishan was not an honest official. He was a giant thief, a devil.