New Federal State of China

We are the New Chinese who are taking down the EVIL Chinese Communist Party

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Who we are? Our Missions

Whistleblower Movement

Jan 26, 2017

Mr. Miles Guo started the Whistleblower’s Movement in 2017 by exposing the evil and corruption of the Chinese Communist Party via live broadcasts. The Whistleblower’s Movement aims to overthrow the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party in a peaceful manner so that the 1.4 billion people of China can be freed.

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Chinese People ≠ Chinese Communist Party

Sherry Netherland Hotel 18F, NewYork

New Federal State of China

Our Mission to Take Down the CCP

Reveal the Truth of CCP Virus

Artemisinin, Ivermectin are the antidote of virus.
Vaccine is a part of CCP’s Bio Weapon

March to Take Down the CCP

from 2017 to now

Parades to take down the Chinese Communist Party were held all around the world. We fight for the freedom of Chinese people.
The Chinese Communist Party is the root cause of all disasters globally. Taking down the Chinese Communist Party is the only way to save humanity!

Ukraine Rescue

In response to the current Ukraine crisis, the New Federal State of China and the Rule of Law Foundation are to cooperate with UN aid organizations to offer international humanitarian rescue assistance to those in need of voluntary evacuation.

Voice from the Medyka Frontline Fellow Fighters

NFSC Office

Our Future

Path of Justicism

The way of righteousness aims to achieve the enlightenment of human beings through faith. It explores the relationship between human beings, the world around us, and God. Human wisdom is naturally practiced in human social civilization.

Hcoin to the moon

Currency of the Future

Nov 1, 2021
Launching Himalaya Exchange which issues Digital coin — HCoin and HDollar

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“getting together”
A brand new social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and “cancel culture”.



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Sing to Take Down the CCP


G|CLUBS is a membership to the future.
A future of freedom.
A future of innovation.
A future of travel.
A future of fashion.

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